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GranolaBars with Millets

This post was supposed to come years back. But better late than never isn't it. 
Hailing from Kerala , millets was never part of our diets. Of course babies were given Ragi/Finger millets porridge and that is the only millet I was familiar with. While residing at Tamil Nadu too, I was unaware of the varieties of millets largely because we stuck to our traditional cooking. When I shifted to Bangalore in 2011, millets was still alien to me. But somewhere in 2013/2014 millets caught up the much required attention in the food market and people slowly getting back to including them in their diets. 

Millets generally found their way into dosas, idlis, breads, paniyaram, porridge, upmas.  At that time of trying this granola bars, millets were not found much in them. That is when I had this idea to try them in these granolas. Now I make so many varieties of these. Sometimes mix and at times bars. 

Presenting to you chewy Granola bars with Foxtail millets. All the more yum when it has home ma…

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