Friday, 24 August 2012

Home-made Ada

One of the most favourite dishes of a traditional Malayalee feast (Sadhya) is Payasam ( Among hundreds of Payasams, Ada Pradhaman or Palu Ada payasams have a universal appeal. While the key ingredient of such payasams – Ada can be found in readymade form these days, what if you could make them at home just as easily? There is nothing that can replace homemade food coated with love, passion and care.
Traditionally such adas are prepared in plantain leaves according to AR. Being from the place known as cultural capital, I ought to believe him (also, most of the time he is right ;))
However, it is not always easy to get plantain leaves in the city. But don’t let that hamper the spirit of making these adas. Interestingly, aluminium foils found in most stores does the trick.
Read on for many more shortcuts.

Raw Rice - 1 cup (could be any kind like Ponni, I used Sona Masoori)
Salt - to taste
Aluminium foil

My Way of Making
1. Soak rice in water for about an hour. Drain the water and grind the rice to a smooth batter like it is done for idli or dosa. You might find particles of rice still present if not ground to the required consistency.So keep checking until you get a smooth consistency.
2. Using a spoon spread a thin layer of the batter onto the aluminium foil sheets. Fold the sheets in a way that the batter does not ooze out from the sides. Steam them for about 10-12 minutes. Continue the same with the rest of the batter.
3. Once cooled, cut them into bits that could be later used to make payasams.
4. This stays for upto a week under refrigeration.

1. Before using it for payasams, just steam the ada for two to three minutes so that they turn soft again unlike the readymade adas from the shop where you need to cook them all over again.
2. If the ada seems sticky, sprinkle cold water and wait for few seconds before you start cutting them

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Idli Fry's

Idlis ( are turning into everyone’s favourite breakfast option. More often than not, you would have to deal with some leftover idlis. If you are not a fan of idlis like me and rather have a snack, I have a quick and easy suggestion – Idly Fry. This could be the most simplest dish ever you could make if you have some idlis left or rather even with the Idli batter around, all you need is to make some idlis and fry them

Leftover Idlis
Oil to deep fry

My Way of Making
1.Cut the idlis vertically into pieces
2.When the oil is hot enough (to check, pinch a small piece from the idlis and drop it into the oil; it should not stick to the bottom of the wok used for frying), drop the idlis into the oil one by one.
3.Turn over when one side is done. You could identify this when the side turns golden brown in colour.
4.Drain them on an absorbent paper and relish them hot with chutney or tomato sauce.

1. If you are apprehensive it would taste bland, nopes, it just tastes heavenly with no added   masalas or special batter.
2. I would definitely not call  this a  strictly healthy snack but you could try this out when you really crave for some fried dish.

So this is how it turns out to be :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Cookie Drops

What happens when you crave for something to munch on during your tea time on a lazy afternoon and sift through your kitchen counters only to find that, you have very little flour, leaving you confused on what to make out of it? That is what exactly happened to me when I was just hoping to find something quick to make  for tea. Left with just about 50 grams of flour, how could one even think of baking something out of it? Disappointed, I thought for some time and then an idea clicked - why not make some cookie drops like those that we get in super markets that are either vanilla flavoured or pineapple flavoured?

Indeed I had to wait for about 30 minutes before I could get to eat them but the wait was worth the while.
The recipe down here has no sugar or egg in it. I generally tend to avoid the butter too this time around I kept the butter and avoided the other two killers. Read on to find out how its is made.


50 grams of all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon  of baking powder
Pinch of salt if u like it salty
15 grams of non salty butter cubes
Few teaspoons of milk

My Way of Making
1. Preheat your oven to 180 C ie 350 F.
2. In a bowl, sift or whisk the flour and baking powder together.
3. To this, cut in the butter cubes and mix them together till it resembles crumbs ie all of the flour gets to be moistened with the butter.
4. To this add just as much milk , (two to three tsps) that is required to knead the mix into a soft dough.
5. Pinch out small portions from the dough, roll into small balls and press them in between your palms so as to flatten them.
6. Place them on a greased baking tray leaving enough space between each cookie and bake them for about 10-15 mts.
7. Relish them when cooled and store them in air tight containers if anything remains. ;)


1. If using salted butter, ignore the salt in the ingredients.
2. If you do not like plain cookies, you can add half tsp of vanilla flavour or chocolate flavour to the mix.
3. Those who like to have it sweet, can add about 10 - 15 gms of castor sugar or powdered sugar to the mix based on your sweetness level or just top it with powdered sugar.
4.You could use a parchment paper on the baking tray as well in place of a greased tray.

I had some left over and used it up for  my snack time (topped with powdered sugar hoping to please AR) with some green tea and "The Hindu".